99 %

of the beginning traders without support loss their first deposit

80 %

of traders loss their deposit again and then ask for help experienced traders

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More than 6 years in trading.

We'll tell you everything you shouldn't do to lose your money and only then start to earn.

We'll help you to activate risk manager

which will protect you from losses

You'll get signals by different instruments.

You'll minimize the risks and get maximum profit thanks to themtrading on: Gold, Oil, Currency pairs, Indexes, Cryptocurrency.

You'll get only quality signals

We don't give 5 or 10 signals every day to make you think we're working. All our work concentrates in the quality. We give 4-10 signals per week but they are really reliable.

You get access to Telegram Channel

where you can clarify any questions or chat with others members.

In packages for 3 and 12 monthes include lessons

which help you to trade by yourself.

You will work with practice traders

who had own real experience.

We have real accounts with the sum more than 100 000$.

The experience of professional traders



Foreign exchange (or Forex) market is the world's largest interbank currency exchange at free prices. The quotation is formed without restrictions or fixed values.



CFD for various underlying assets. At the conclusion of such a contract, one party undertakes to transfer to the other party the difference between the current value of the asset and its value at the end of the contract term.

Why you can
trust us:

We have 6 years of experience in the Forex and CFD market. We have created a universal system that works in different periods of time with all markets (Forex, Crypto, CFD, Stocks, indexes). For all of our clients, we create a step-by-step plan on how to trade like a professional.

What is included in the tariffs?

Exact intraday and swing signals

VIP chat for communication with other participants

Right stop loss and take profit

Trading scenarios that we use in our accounts

Signals Record (Update weekly)

Tariff packages

wrappixel kit


For a month
With 50% discount

  • Signals for one month
  • VIP chat access
  • One consultation
wrappixel kit


For three months
With 50% discount

  • Signals for three months
  • VIP chat access
  • One free consultation on any topic
wrappixel kit


For one year
With 50% discount

  • Signals for one year
  • VIP chat access
  • Three free consultations
            on any topic

Money back Guarantee

If within 7 days after the start of training, you decide that the course does not suit you , we will refund the full cost of the course



How protect your money in trading?

Get Risk Manager video